Art & Setup

Great quality screen printing all begins with artwork. We work with vector files (.ai or .eps) because it gives us the high quality clean lines we need in order to push ink through mesh and get a beautiful graphic on your shirt.

Check out the comparison below to see the difference between non-vector and vectorized artwork.

Don't have a vector file? If you have a clear high resolution jpeg file we can vectorize it for you. However if your photo is small and blurry it becomes a real time consuming battle to fix and art charges will be incurred.

Minimum Orders with Zero Set-Up Fees

A lot goes into screen printing. In fact the actual printing of the shirt is the quick part, but the set up that goes into taking your graphic and putting it on a shirt requires a lot of time and labor. It's not effected by how many shirts you order but rather how many colors are in your design and how many placements you want printed on the shirt.

While we do not charge set up fees. We do require minimum orders per print so we can cover the labor costs that are incurred each time we set up a job. 

    • Vectorize artwork
    • Color seperations
    • Film output
    • Alignment of films on screen
    • Exposing screen
    • drying screen
    • Blocking out screen
    • Taping screen
    • Setup screen on machine
    • Register all colors in design
    • Load ink into the screen
    • Install squeegee and floodbars
    • Test Prints
    • Change pallets out for sleeve placements
    • Load and PRINT SHIRTS
    • Uninstall squeegees and floodbars
    • Clean ink out of screens
    • Clean squeegees and floodbars and ink spatulas
    • Un-tape screens
    • Apply ink degradant
    • Rinse screen
    • Apply emulsion remover
    • Rinse screen
    • Apply haze remover
    • Rinse Screen
    • Recoat screen with emulsion.

Labor time is 45 minutes per screen (per color)